Patience is not simply the ability to wait - it's how we behave while we're waiting - GroupGhetto

Don't go back to less,just because you are to impatient to wait for the rest - GGDevs

Well Structured

We're building your projects with our professional backend team, also we put your minds on the platform. GGdevs are strengthening your projects with our experienced team.

Easy To Customize

We provide admin panel where you can manage your sites. This way you can manage your platforms without the need for anyone can make changes, you can add your contents by yourself. Let us reveal the differences together.

Creative Design

We are solving your problems within blockchain as group ghetto. Thanks to our professional services, we bring together new generation technologies. With our perfectionist team, your dreams and wishes come true.

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Web Design

We provide admin panel where you can manage your sites. This way you can manage your platforms without the need for anyone can make changes, you can add your contents by yourself. Let us reveal the differences together.


Are you not tired of paying large sums of money to the lower koin exchanges, which are not yours? As GGDevs, we are building your own reliable exchanges. No need to pay incredible figures, just contact us, take your place in the marketcap.


Approximately 100 projects are implemented in one day. 84% of these are made of the same molds and if you are tired of being one of them, you should take a look at our completed works. Let your difference is your style.

Platforms & Projects

Not tired of paying API fees? We provide you with your own API. Why would you influence someone else's project to close? We are implementing the projects of your coins with our expert team. Meet us, let's make your dreams come true together.


get in touch with us If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us

Contact - @GG-Ryan

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Our Best People We have the best in class people all around

  • Thetis CTO

  • GG-Ryan CEO

  • GG-Orch Web Developer

  • Experienced Team!

  • GG-Xicy Backend Developer

  • GG-Ness Frontend Developer

  • GG-Shepar FullStack Developer

1. Plan

Our deadline is being checked at the planning stage and you are looking at the overlap with your estimated project time.

2. Discuss

Controlling user and customer requirements which is providing from you. After that we are preparing software requirements to you. With written text is presented to you.

3. Execute

We start the process after payment and requirement planning. Updates and progresses are shown to our customers on a daily basis. In this way, we are currently resolving your revisions faster.

4. Production

We receive your completed project in the test broadcast. Extensive testing by users and customers. Your final revisions are completing. Then the requirements for the live broadcast are being completed. We are collecting feedbacks from your commnity.

5. Deploy

The latest technologies as nginx, proxy, redis, docker, composer, frameworks and database systems are being installed on the server. Then, your project is spreading to the world of blockchain as a public project. After this process, our team of technical support always continue to solve your problems on a daily basis.

our great Partners From

You have the best class support!

We solve your problems without realizing it by our professional team day and night. Your updates are provided by us at any time. ...

  • Software updates without damaging your projects.
  • We protect your data, our site remains in the broadcast even during the maintenance phase.
  • Our own tests with current control boats continue throughout our partnership.

Thanks to our cloudflare partnership, we make maintenance stages online without your users realizing it. Your backed up projects remain secure with us. Your spelling problems that you experience in any subject are offered to you during the day.

Our current boats such as DDoS migitiation control your projects on an hourly basis. We protect you in situations like any cyber attack. Our cyber security systems such as honeypot we put our servers in front of your nightmare.

Customizing Projects is too easy!

Thanks to our content management panel provided by GGDevs, you can make your updates easily on your own devices without the need of anyone. The only reason why the completed projects are not updated is the disappeared developers. It is really wrong and sad that you need people after making your payment. Don't you want to end this situation?

  1. Manage your contents without any knowledge or skill
  2. Make your changes from live servers which is prepared from team
  3. There is no need any development skills for your revisions
  4. Feel like a professional act your users as professional
  5. Give your users the best service with your daily updates

Feel Free To Update your Website!

Image Changes

Customers can easly upload their image contents without need any experience about software.

Cloudflare Advantages

Customers can increase page's speed. Also can clear cache memory within just 30 seconds.

Best Frameworks

Database migrations and updates are showing just within couple of command lines which is provided from developers.

Well Structured

Easy to make new pages ("blade") thanks to encrypted and stacked sources.

Live Meetings

With our native team mates you can make live meetings with voice, your wishes and revisions are noting by professional team mates.

Creative Design

Your dreams are printing as PSD and building one to one by our frontend developers or which is provided from you.

Clean & Simple Code!

Spaghetti codes do not stop counting because of the problems. We invite you to professionalism instead of your projects which become unresolved. Can you imagine that only a few hours will be enough for your innovations?

We speak not only know from the team, we are speaking which is the language that everyone knows.

  1. We invite you to the professional framework structure with blade architecture.
  2. Such as advanced technologies are bringing together as Laravel, PHP, Mssql, Mysql, RabbitMq, Javascript, Bootstrap, EJS, Ruby, Native, React Native, HTML, CSS, SCSS.
  3. We live in the age of technology. Let's stay one step ahead of the world together.

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